Mobile Key

A Mobile Key is generated from within the Opendoor integrated software platform, same software used to cut key card. Can be sent upon arrival or in advance.

The Mobile Key is encrypted and securely sent to a dedicated Opendoor cloud. The only information sent is the unique mobile identification credentials.

The guest receives an email alerting them of the Mobile Key. Accompanied by instructions of how to download the relevant app & register their device. (iOS & Android compatible)

Once registered, the smartphone downloads the Mobile Key from the cloud. More than one Mobile Key can be stored, ideal for cleaners or management.

The smartphone can now be used to unlock the door. The embedded bluetooth chip within the door lock communicates securely with the smartphone.

Every unlocking transaction is reported back to the Opendoor management platform in real time, creating an online access control environment.

Even low battery alerts are reported for seamless system maintenance.