Access Control Software

The Opendoor Access Control system is the ideal solution for all type of properties, ranging from hotels to student accommodation. It is the most secure solution and flexible solution on the market in regard to access control integrating with energy management systems and streamlining operations at your property.


  • Hotel, spa resort & Leisure complex
  • Student accommodation
  • Residential accommodation
  • Commercial office block Features:

  • Mobile Access compatible
  • Full audit trail
  • Individual lock access records
  • Granular security levels
  • Granular access times
  • Ability to block individual cards
  • Multiple building management
  • Manages unlimited number of locks
  • Complete access management of both guests and staff access
  • Interfaces for Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Ability to cut keys on a door lock in the event of a system failure
  • Mechanical key override in the event of an emergency Security:

We use two step verification, which is an extra layer of security that requires a software dongle to be used on the computer that is cutting the guest card. The software dongle is coded to the licence key for the individual hotel. So even if the software dongle is stolen it will not work in another computer. This is a similar system to the hardware tokens, issued by banks to use with cards when looking to complete Internet Banking transactions.

Our key card cutters are also unique and are individually coded, so they cannot be purchased from anyone apart from ourselves. If a key cutter is stolen it will not work on another computer.

We are the only supplier in the UK to supply fully encrypted RFID key cards that can only be purchased from us and no one else. You cannot purchase off the shelf RIFD cards that will work with the Opendoor system